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What Is Ghost Writing?

February 18th, 2011 by Hank

Recently, several people have asked me what do you do and I told them I am a ghost writer. Each one frowned, looked puzzled and said “I have never heard of such a thing. What does it mean?”

Who knows how many people would react the same way. So I decided to post an explanation.

If I introduce myself stating I am a ghost writer, how many would frown, look perplexed for a second or so, and forget the whole matter?

Well in the simplest of terms, I write something and put someone else’s name on it as the author.

Most of the ghost writing I have done for many years, and am still doing these days for a special few selected clients, has been non-fiction of a promotional nature – publicity articles, books, web copy, email newsletters, ads, press releases, sales brochures, etc. I have also written memoirs and fiction (novels) for clients. I love this particular task, because I like to hear about other people’s life experience, and I write fiction for myself, under the byline Henry Jordan.

I just recently published a fiction novel as an E-book after having published the same book in conventional printed format earlier. E-books are catching on, big time!

If you know of anyone who really wants to write something, but doesn’t have the time (or the talent), tell them about me.

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