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Talk About Political Correctness……

August 10th, 2011 by Hank

I was looking up the history of putting handles on cups, on
Google the other day, and ran across the terms BCE and CE describing the dates
the handle thing started (in the Neolithic era).  Puzzled, I looked up the two sets of initials
and found out the following information:

Definition of BCE: Abbreviation for ‘Before Common Era’, a
non-religious alternative to the use of B.C. in designating the first period of
the Gregorian Calendar, the era of prehistory and much of antiquity.

BCE is the partner of CE – a replacement for A.D.: Anno Domini, The Year Of Our Lord – and itself replaces BC, Before Christ. Unfortunately, the repetition of c and e means BCE
can often be confused with CE, especially by someone scanning quickly.

Now how’s that for destroying a tradition of thousands of years, just because some nut complained to the world governments that AD and BC were religious symbols and therefore had to be abolished.

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