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Kindle vs. Nook E-book Readers

November 30th, 2009 by Hank

Digital E-Books Are Here

Although the E-Book Reader was invented almost 40 years ago at the Xerox research center near Palo Alto, it’s only been lately that the hand-held reading devices have begun to become “mainstream” – mostly because of new developments in the display screens.

The Kindle, by Amazon, started the race.  Now there are more than a dozen viable competitors to Kindle.  The Sony Reader, the Apple Reader, and most notably the new Barnes & Nobel NOOK are already giving almighty Amazon a real run for its money.  A dozen more models from Best Buy and other manufacturers are available right now.  Thin and lightweight, they all let you read books online, anywhere, picking up their signal from the Wireless Internet.

Sales are skyrocketing, and hundreds of thousands of new books are available for downloading and reading, at amazingly low cost.

Google makes public domain books available for free.  Many wanabe new authors publish their works online for free – no cost to the author, no cost to the reader.  Novels, non-fictions, textbooks, instruction manuals, business how-to books, and children’s books are waiting for you to press a button and wait only a few seconds for your book to appear – yours to keep, stored in the handheld reader.

I just published my latest book on this medium.  It’s called How to Graduate from Self Employment. You can sample the book on your PC or on most of these new E-book readers.  You will find copious mention of it on Google and Bing.

I plan to publish my recent paperback novel No More An Island online before Thanksgiving.  It will remain available as a printed book.  My plan is to publish the Graduate book as a paperback also, if it demonstrates a market.

To read about and sample the Graduate book, Click Here.

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  1. Gregory Jordan

    Dad – Thanks for the great information. I’ve yet to experiment with either a Nook or a Kindle.

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