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January 13th, 2011 by Hank

When you stumble, make it part of the dance.

No one knows who the author of this quote was but what a powerful message it conveys. All of us find a pebble in our shoe, or a rock on our path as we walk through life. Some have more ups and downs, joys or tragedies, than others. But how we handle the obstacles is the life we present to the world.

My life was not perfect–especially after I married “the jerk.” That was a stumble. When it was all over, family and friends were astonished at how well I had hidden the mental and physical abuse. Divorce, at first seemed like a big stumble, but finally walking away was the right thing to do. As scared as I was to suddenly be the sole support of myself and two children, being able to do this was the first steps in a new dance.

Years later, marrying Ray, I wondered if I was about to stumble again. Instead, over the past thirty-three years, I have danced–slow romantic waltzes, hilarious wild polkas, sometimes stomping teeth-gritting marches. But we somehow have managed to end the day with a soothing two-step.

Lost job. Argument with an old friend. Romance gone sour. Children gone astray. Failed a class.

In the scope of your life, these events are only stumbles.

New career. Making new friends. Finding God’s saving graces. Meeting the love of your life. Walking down the aisle. Congratulating a child’s success. Getting your college degree.

What a wonderful life when you accept that you, with God’s guidance, can meet these challenges. It is you who can pick the tune and the steps to the greatest dance.

Thank you Barbara Deming for this wonderful article.

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  1. Hank

    Who is Barbara Deming?

    Ans: demingwrites@att.net

    Send her a thank you

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