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God is a Nickname for the Universe

May 22nd, 2011 by Hank

Many folks have difficulty trying to piece together the answers to the everlasting questions: Where did the Earth and I come from? Why am I here? How long has the Universe been around? Will it die, like humans who age? What happens to me when I die? Will I just dry up and cease to exist? Will I go somewhere? Will my spirit continue to exist, and if so how and where?

These questions have occupied mankind’s minds forever. Two groups of people have tackled the dilemma from two different directions.

Scientists lose themselves in talking with each other, writing papers, making speeches, peering through telescopes, and performing experimental lab work. Many of those who follow the scientist’s agenda band themselves together and call themselves atheists, proudly denying the existence of God.

Theologians and religious leaders spend their time inventing or promoting icons and ideas for the ordinary person to hold onto. They came up with God along the way. Some folks had trouble envisioning God so they made God a sort of amorphous person in a place called Heaven, up above us somewhere. This wasn’t enough, so they came up with the idea of prophets and Jesus, living people with whom ordinary people can identify.

I happen to be a scientist who believes in God. Let me define God though. God is merely a nickname for Nature, which itself is a nickname for the Universe.

The Universe (Nature) has been in existence for at least many billions of years (some including me believe it has always existed and will always exist). Nature sets it’s own pace and takes as long as it likes to make life happen. I don’t mean human life, but all life including everything in the Universe.

Life happens one day at a time. In spite of our efforts to slow down what’s happening, or speed it up, Nature ignores us and makes things happen at it’s own pace.If we relax and accept this fact, life becomes much easier. “God” will take care of us and run things. Continents, oceans and land masses will come and go. Earthquakes and tsunamis will reshape the landscape. Governments will come and go. Species of animal life will come and go. Life will change. We might as well do the best we can and heed the advice “Let go and let God.”

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