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Fiction Lovers – Take A Peek At These Excerpts

November 13th, 2010 by Hank

From the middle of my novel NO MORE AN ISLAND, here is a brief excerpt to give you some idea of what the romance part of the novel is all about:

“Sally could hold her own head high. Completely accepted as a war-widow, she was a part of the respectable society in town. Madge, however, wore a badge of shame. In the convoluted thinking of most of the town’s women, Madge was to be shunned. Even though Madge was an innocent victim of a cheating husband, she was guilty in the eyes of the judgmental women — guilty of being unable to hold onto her man. That was a mandatory trait expected of all Southern women of the time. It was their deep seated fear that the same thing could happen to them that made them keep her at more than an arm’s length away. The only worse situation was to be an adulteress and get caught, like Sadie Summers.”

That’s only one tiny bit of the novel. Men like the parts about the autombile business, with emphasis on the Modell A Ford, and how business was actually conducted in those days.

Everyone, men and women, like the various characters in the book.

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