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Change Is Inevitable

May 28th, 2011 by Hank

The typical 9-to-5 job is dying on the vine as more young people, as well as Baby Boomers, decide to create their own destiny by launching their own business enterprises. Yet many new business owners struggle with getting their business ideas off the ground. Once they are open for business, they often flounder as they try to soar to success.

The only thing constant in the world is change. The marketplace is changing rapidly. In fact, it is changing so fast that most of the things this year’s graduates learned may be obsolete before they leave the campus. So in order to succeed, you must be a constant learner. You must be willing to be flexible and open to new ideas. Remember, someone said the automobile would never replace the bicycle. Don’t be the person who resists change. Embrace it and constantly update your skills.

Stick to your core values. Never compromise your core values — either personally or professionally. Every time I’ve walked away from something because it wasn’t in line with my own values, an even greater opportunity appeared.

Put your customers/clients first — don’t be afraid to show them that there is a human side to your business — it makes for stronger and longer lasting business relationships!

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