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An Excerpt from my novel

September 25th, 2010 by Hank

Excerpt from the Novel NO MORE AN ISLAND
By Henry Jordan
(The book describes the metamorphosis of a small Southern town and its people in the thirties as Yankees began to show up. Here is one paragraph in the middle of the novel…..)

As the young people met the traveling Yankee youngsters they discovered there were no important differences between them after all except for verbal accents. The adults also started finding out that the folks from the North were almost exactly like the folks in Oakswood in most respects. Many of them were actually quite polite and well mannered, not at all crude or cruel as they had been led to believe for so many years. There were two big differences though that identified a Northerner at once. The Yankees always seemed to be in an awful big hurry, and they didn’t seem to respect their ladies properly. They did not understand the laid back pace of traditional Southern life. They had been led to believe that all Southerners were sluggish, lazy and backward. They couldn’t seem to fathom the idea that fast thinking could be linked to slow motion, which typified many Southerners.

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