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Ads Galore – Almost Everywhere

December 20th, 2010 by Hank

Today, we are overwhelmed with ads — just about everywhere you look. Ads on busses, lavish lighted billboards that keep changing (like in Times Square), ads on the walls of airport corridors, ads on the radio, and of course possibly more ads than entertainment content while you watch TV.

Now its new, big ads in the restrooms at ball parks. No, not on the stall doors — those ads have been around for a long time facing you on the potty. This is a new type of ads — ads on the mirrors. The ad displays until you walk up and face the mirror. At that time, the electronic system senses your presence and condenses the ad into a small square up in the corner of the mirror, but you can use the mirror as you would normally, and continue to look at the small version of the ad if you want to. After you leave, the big ad returns to fill the whole mirror again.

Perhaps the biggest onslaught of ads is on the Internet. Every time you search for something on Google, Bing or Yahoo, a few ads are flashed at you. Advertisers buy these ads on a “pay per click” basis, and each page you look at shows only a few ads. Google and its competitors control where the ads appear and how often. It’s a crap shoot when you buy these ads. They do perform, though. There is so much usage of the search engines that the sheer magnitude of the viewers produces results.

Just about all the commercial websites you visit have ads scattered all over, including “affiliate” ads that direct you to other advertisers. Many individuals also buy into this affiliate formula. Each time someone buys something as a result of clicking on an affiliate ad on your website, you earn a small commission. It’s the ultimate in passive income, which we all seek. All you do is implant the link once into your website, and then do absolutely nothing more, except sit back and wait for the royalties to pour in. Don’t order your yacht or plan the big vacation cruise yet, however. The monetary return on most affiliate sites is meager.

Just about everyone who comes up with a “free” service on the Internet makes money by including ads that face you when you use the service. Emails sent via the highly effective mailing services such as Constant Contact, contain a small ad at the bottom unless you pay extra to leave it off. The jury is still out regarding whether the extra cost is justified to leave the ad off your emails.

It seems appropriate to say that “Ads Make The World Go Round”, especially on the Internet.

Oh, a final word about online newspapers and magazines. There are so many ads on each page of online publications that it is difficult to find the actual news content, and the appearance of the ads makes the loading time intolerable in many cases.

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  1. Greg Jordan

    Indeed, advertising makes the world go ’round!

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