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A Pleasant Discovery

August 2nd, 2010 by Hank

By chance, I found a copy of The Saturday Evening Post in a lobby recently.  What a surprise!  I thought they had quit publishing years ago. Turns out I was partially right. They did suspend publication in the sixties, after television took over, but cranked up again under new ownership.

The new issues are thankfully on the Internet as well as printed.

The new Post aims at the audience over 45 years of age. They publish short stories among other interesting material. Maybe the long lost art of short stories and magazine articles will come to life again.  Hope so.  The latest issue reprints a touching short story by J. D. Salinger written in about 1946, about a young man in the army in France. He’s the author you know who hit the really big time with Catcher in the Rye and then retired into seclusion.

Some of the publishing moguls, including the CEO of the largest publisher in the world, Ingram, predict that more people, not less people will read novels and non-fiction now that E-book Readers are beginning to blossom. He predicts that in the future each E-book reader will have a button to push: “Send me a printed copy” so that readers can have the best of both worlds.

Hold your seats, everyone, and buckle your seat belts even tighter. The publishing industry is in the throes of a major change – equivalent in many people’s minds to what happened after Guttenberg did his thing a couple of hundred years ago.

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